Free penny slots online

One of the best ways to have a great time online is playing free penny slot machines. Their main difference from the regular slots is that they have simple rules, fun colorful graphics and even if you decide to play for real money, the required bets are tiny (often no more than a penny!). They’re popular among the gamblers because they’re so easy to learn and master, play fast and have that nostalgic feeling of playing in a lobby of a real casino.


You can find lots of free penny slot machines online, with different themes and reel numbers, so whether you’re into adventurous games or cute slots about animals or cartoons, there’s something for everybody. If you need some tips on how to master playing free penny slot games, we’ve compiled a handy little guide that might be of use to you.

How-to-play penny slots guide

free penny slot machinesFirst off, if you know nothing or very little about gambling, starting with free online penny slots is probably the best way to learn how things work and what you need to do to win. Of course, playing free you play just for fun, with no real cash on stake, but what fun is there in losing? You still want to see the words “You Win!” on the screen!

•    Learn the basics. Paylines are the betting lines where you have to match the symbols to get the win. There’s no fun in watching the combo form on a line you didn’t bet on, so playing the maximum number of lines is advisable. It can expensive with high limit slots, but with penny machines it still stays pretty affordable.

•    Learn to bet. The most important thing you have to grasp is the difference between the “coins” that are used by machines to count the bets and the real money. Read up on “coin denominations” of a specific machine, meaning how much a coin is worth in real-life money. This can save you a lot of trouble in the long run!

•    Make the best out of bonus features. Those are little “games within games” that are often extremely entertaining and offering bigger payouts than a regular game. You can read more on bonus rounds in the specific section of the website, for now just let’s say that it’s best to get to know what your machine has to offer.

•    Take your time. Don’t rush, especially if you’re playing free penny slots. Pay attention to all of the elements on the screen, and there’s no shame in stopping your game to click the “help” button and read some necessary info! If you want to become a real master of the slot machine floor, you must gather all of the information you can.

•    Know when to move on. Don’t fall to the temptation of increasing your bet when you’re losing, “to get it all back”. If it isn’t your lucky day or your lucky slot, you’ll only end up losing even more and walking away disappointed. Just switch to a different game and the luck may smile on you!

Free penny slots are a fun and rewarding pastime, and also a great affordable way to learn the inside works of an online casino. Whether you’re a newbie and need a head start or a seasoned gambler who wants to relax with a less challenging game, they’re the best choice you can get. Enjoy them to the max and best of luck!